Group retreat!

We went to Krusenberg Herrgård and spent a nice and crisp fall day discussing future research plans and how to organize our work even better. Lots of good ideas and discussions!

NORDITA program and conference

During August we’re organizing a 4-week program with an embedded 4-day conference: Topological Quantum Matter: From Low-Temperature Physics to Non-Equilibrium Dynamics together with Jens Bardarson (KTH), Emil Bergholtz (Stockholm), Jan Budich (TU Dresden), and Roni Ilan (Tel Aviv) at Nordita, Continue Reading …

Spring conferences

Spring has been quite busy as we’ve been giving talks and attending several conferences and workshops, including the Majorana and beyond workshop in Warsaw,  the Bound states in superconductors workshop at MPI-PKS Dresden,  the Strontium Ruthenate workshop at ETH Zürich, the Continue Reading …

New VR grant

Annica received a new Swedish Research Council (VR) project grant for the period 2019-2022 for the project: New topological superconductors using flat bands, orbital effects, and quantum critical points.

COST Action School in Braga, Portugal

Annica is teaching two lectures on topological superconductivity at the EU-COST Action NANOCOHYBRI Quantum Materials graduate school in Braga, Portugal and Jorge is giving a talk on odd-frequency superconductivity in topological insulators at the accompanying workshop.