Group leader

Annica Black-Schaffer
Ph.D. Stanford University



Postdoctoral researchers

Rodrigo Arouca
Ph.D. Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (long-term exchange at Utrecht University)



Debmalya Chakraborty
Ph.D. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata



Patric Holmvall
Ph.D. Chalmers University of Technology



Tanay Nag
Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur



Ph.D. students

Lucas Casa
M.Sc. University of São Paulo



Tomas Löthman
M.Sc. Uppsala University



Suhas Nahas
M.Sc. IIT Kanpur



Andreas Theiler
M.Sc. Graz University of Technology




Former postdocs and Ph.D. students

Iman Mayaeh, postdoc 2020-2022 → Data scientist, Stockholm, Sweden

Jorge Cayao, postdoc 2016-2021 → Senior researcher with a Swedish Research Council Starting Grant, UU.

Paramita Dutta, postdoc 2018-2021 → Faculty member, Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, India

Oladunyoje Awoga, Ph.D. student 2015-2021 → Postdoc, Lund University, Sweden

Fariborz Parhizgar, postdoc 2017-2021 → Data scientist, Stockholm, Sweden

Johann Schmidt, Ph.D. student 2015-2020 → Scientific project officer, Berlin, Germany

Christopher Triola, postdoc 2017-2019 → Permanent staff scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, U.S.A.

Mahdi Mashkoori, postdoc 2015-2019 → Postdoc, MPI Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany

Adrien Bouhon, postdoc 2014-2018 →  Senior researcher with a Swedish Research Council Starting Grant, Nordita, Sweden

Dushko Kuzmanovski, postdoc 2014-2017 → Postdoc, Uppsala University and Nordita, Sweden

Lucia Komendova, postdoc 2014-2017 → Software developer, Belgium

Kristofer Björnson, Ph.D. student 2012-2016 → Postdoc, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Awarded the Bjurzon prize for best Ph.D. thesis in Science and Technology at UU, 2017


Master and projects students

Anna Sandberg, Project student and Master thesis student, 2022 → Ph.D.student, Stockholm University

Jacob Westholm, Master thesis student, 2020

Lucas Casa, exchange Master student from University of São Paulo, 2020 → Ph.D.student, Uppsala University

Kaue Rodrigues Alves, exchange Master student from University of São Paulo, 2019 → Ph.D.student, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Spain

Yann Gaucher, exchange project student from École Polytechnique, 2019 → Ph.D.student, LSCE, CEA, France

Dimitrios Petropoulos, project student, 2019

Souvanik Hui, project student, 2018

Athanasios Tsintzis, Master thesis student, 2018 → Ph.D. student, Lund University

Umberto Borla, Master student, 2017 → Ph.D. student, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Andreas Theiler, Master thesis student, 2017 → Ph.D. student, Uppsala University

Raphael Teixeira, exchange Master student from University of São Paulo, 2016 → Ph.D. student, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Anders Eriksson, project student, 2016

Tomas Löthman, Master thesis student, 2013 → Ph.D. student, Uppsala University